Throughout the day, consumers flow from one digital device to another, and we serve the right ad for the right device. A recent Google study found that 9 out of 10 consumers use multiple devices to complete a single objective. The same study found that 67% of online shoppers use multiple devices within a 24-hour period to complete a single transaction.

But that is just the beginning of what cross-device advertising can do. We now have the technology to tailor your message to fit other behavioral signals the user is sending. So if the user searches for airfare to Las Vegas, why not serve that user an ad for hotel accommodations in Las Vegas? If the user is on a tablet or a mobile phone, why not serve him a video rather than a display ad?

Our advertising strategy delivers your message across multiple devices and channels:

Over The Top

With an ever-expanding list of streaming content and devices, cord-cutters and cord-nevers are becoming a bigger and bigger segment of the TV-viewing market. As the first firm to programmatically place video ads into Roku content, we can help you utilize this exciting - and efficient - marketing tool to reach your target market where they are.

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Display is way more than desktop banner ads – we’re serving ads on any glowing screen, including OTT/Streaming Video/TV and mobile. In fact, Strategus was the first agency in the country to programmatically deliver over-the-top video content on streaming television.

Powerful Stuff


If your company doesn’t come up on page one of search results – virtually speaking – it doesn’t exist. Before adding other digital channels and tactics, we can evaluate your Search Engine Marketing (paid search) and get your rankings where you need them to be.

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Facebook & Instagram Advertising

It’s not just for selfies and cat videos. For digital advertisers, social media is an audience that willingly volunteers information about themselves. So why not go where customers tell you what they really, really want so that you can deliver a truly relevant ad.

It's So Engaging


This is the kind that gets you new customers, not the email your existing customers get tired of reading. It may not sound as exciting as mobile video, but business email is still the lion’s share of all big data... bigger even than Google’s search index and Facebook content combined. Acquisition email is a largely untapped way to grow your audience.

You'll Be Surprised


Generic analytics can tell you how many unique visitors came to your site, but wouldn’t you rather put a face on that click? Our custom analytics gives you incredible demographic & behavioral insights about your site visitors, including gender, age, household income, education level, median home value, employment, geolocation, marital status, political affiliation and so much more. Now that’s news you can use!

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