How can we improve click-through rates and conversions for your digital campaigns? This is the question we live for, and it's the one our Ad Ops Managers never stop asking. It's the key to strong ROI and the very thing that sets us apart from other digital agencies: hands-on, day-to-day campaign optimization. You won't find a "set it and forget it" approach here at Strategus.

What exactly does that entail? Hundreds of details, some of which can be automated, but all of which require frequent evaluation, such as checking and revising bids. Much of what we do falls into the following tactical categories:


Includes A/B testing to determine which characteristics of an ad will perform better. These characteristics include creative content (color, wording, pictures, etc.) but also ad size.

For example, a 728x90 may be driving more clicks than the same ad content in a 160x600 size.



Scrutinizes your campaign performance data to determine where the highest quality clicks and conversions are coming from so that we serve more ads to the best performing audience segments. For example, if your display ads get more clicks on news websites than real estate websites, we would serve more impressions to the news category. Taking a closer look at the news category, we might see that a local news website is outperforming a national news organization, so we deliver more impressions to the local news audience. Going even more granular, we can target specific demographics and behaviors on the local news site that perform better: for example, 25-40 year olds who have recently shown interest in real estate.


Limits the number of times a person gets to see your ad in a specified time frame. The only way to determine optimal frequency is to test, review and revise.


Looks at which days of the week are performing better, as well as the time of day. Only the data can tell us for sure.

Device and Browser Optimization

Are two tactics that, depending on the product or service, can make a big difference. You might want to exclude an Android audience from an ad campaign that promotes app downloads available only in the IOS App Store. Or, the data might show that a particular browser is outperforming another.

Audience Targeting.
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