Audience Identification

Always Make a Good Impression

In the pre-programmatic world, reaching your

target audience

relied more on guesswork than science. For every good ad impression you made, many others were wasted. Today, the ability to harness big data with programmatic buying has changed all that.

Strategus can help you unlock the mysteries of your target audience in real time. Within a single campaign, you'll learn what drives new customers to click and convert, and where to find more people like them. That kind of ROI has immediate impact on marketing initiatives as well as long term benefits to the bottom line.

To ensure you deliver the right message to the right audience every time, the Strategus team employs the following process:

1. Digital Strategy

If you’re wondering how much to spend and where to spend it, then a comprehensive digital strategy is a great place to start.

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2. Targeting Tactics

Every time your customer goes online, they leave a digital footprint behind that we use to make a better ad impression. We're talking leveraging big data to provide you with cutting-edge targeting tactics: behavioral, demographic, contextual, time-of-day, technographic, hyper-local geographic, as well as retargeting via search, site, email and video.

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3. Programmatic Buying

Strategus leverages programmatic buying and big data to identify your customers to deliver your message when and where it matters most. Bullseye. That’s an impression that really counts. Once you go programmatic, you’ll never want to serve ads any other way.

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4. Real-Time Bidding

Strategus uses real-time-bidding to access every Ad Exchange and Data Management Platform (DMP) on the planet, getting you the highest quality impressions in the most cost-efficient and transparent way possible.

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5. Brand Safety

You know the safety buzzwords: transparency, privacy compliance, third-party verification, "white hat" tactics. Simply put, Strategus lives by these industry best practices for your brand safety as well as our own. We insist on transparency so that you can have the peace of mind that your campaign ran as promised. We audit everything we do to ensure compliance and performance.

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