WHAT'S NEXT: OTT Audience Targeting + Attribution


OTT Audience Targeting + Attribution

We were the very first company to programmatically place ads in OTT. Now we're among the first to overlay audience targeting and offer attribution. And you could be among the first to benefit from it.

Get In On The Ground Floor

What if your message appeared at precisely the moment your ideal customer is ready, willing and interested, regardless of when and where that might be? Welcome to what’s next in data-driven advertising. Say hello to Strategus.

Strategus is a full-stack programmatic platform that offers data-driven audience identification and targeted delivery. Our innovative ad tech and high touch campaign management drive custom, full-funnel, cross-device solutions. We pioneered programmatic OTT advertising and thrive on the discovery and mastery of what comes next.

Audience Identification

Find your customers with data-driven precision that makes a great impression, every time.

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Cross Device Ad Placements

Flow across multiple devices, responding in real time to your customer's digital fingerprint.

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Campaign Optimization

Get hands-on, day-to-day campaign supervision and optimization for maximum ROI.

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